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July 15, 2013
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The first thing I saw when I descended by Nearu-Senpai The first thing I saw when I descended by Nearu-Senpai
I'm finally done with it! xD It looks gorgeous

To give a brief history to this picture:

When Nearu was born, he was born as a Domerian in the empire of Aprical, a religious town that floats over 60 miles in the air to escape from unwanted ideas corrupting the city. Domerians would practice healing magic in the name of their religious standing. The only one to break this chain was Nearu von Kuro, son of Collin and Adrian Kuro. Nearu was never good at white magic, because of his views of wanting to be free and able to do what he could. Soon after Nearu's birth, the standings of the current ruler over Aprical would become thin and a new ruler by the name of Desmond would take over. He wasn't a Domerian, but he was a respected figure among the people. His main campaign for the people of Aprical was to lower it back down to the planet so it could become a friendlier state. Nearu then became saturated with the idea of black magic that he learned from the world below. He began practicing under his parent's noses and was eventually tutored by a man named Lucien who was one of the first people to come from the surface. Lucien saw Nearu practicing when he thought no one was looking, and he took Nearu under his wing. Lucien and Nearu became good friends and eventually stood up in a protest against the Council of Aprical to allow Black magic teachings as a better means of defense since the city was closer to a world they've never been to. Nearu and Lucien were quickly recognized as committees of treason, so they both jumped off the town to escape. Nearu and Lucien were separated when they left Aprical, but Nearu soon came across Rok when he was falling from the sky. He was so amazed with the beast that he started to research monsters AND Black magic when he got to the surface of the planet.

Aprical would later collapse in a sort of Black Hole Phenomenon that would later be blamed onto Nearu.
I thought the back story was really interesting, and would be great expanded upon.
The image itself looks quite nice. The colors are strong and the bird has some vivid colors.
I just don't know how to take this image. What do I take away from it?
The story was good, but it felt like a summary.
I don't know if the bird is dead or not, to me it looks like it's sleeping. ^^;
The rock thing beside the bird doesn't look that great, but rocks are hard to make realistic. So I don't hold that on this drawing.
So my final thought is that this image is great and shows your capabilities outside of the TF field, where you held prominence.
This shows you are able to make this your new future, away from tfs, but you'll need to make the image resonate longer in our heads. This one didn't do that.

My rating, 2.5/5
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Fifth-Avenue Jul 15, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
This is flippin' beautiful!
Tomek1000 Jul 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Art looks geat also story is interesting
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